High-converting tracking links that brand your websites

Wherever your links go, only Tracker.ly marketing links can brand your websites, plus short or secondary domains, domain redirects, & QR codes, all tracked together, with retargeting.

No credit card required. Links will not expire.

Are your links doing more harm than good?

Millions of marketers use links that reduce clicks and give free promotion to the wrong domains.

Use Direct Links?

These often get less clicks, and without tracking, you don't know which marketing drives traffic.

Use Short Links?

Bit.ly reports that up to 25% of people won't click short links on untrusted domains (like Bit.ly).

Use Secondary Domains?

Instead of diluting your brand, why aren't your giving all that bonus exposure to your website?

The highest converting links tell people where they are going, and are on domains people trust and associate with you.

Learn how descriptive links increase clicks

"It's a game changer when you start to realize the power of it. It can really help your business."

Cory Boatright, Marketing Coach
Client For 9 Years

"I keep on testing and I keep on optimizing, all the time, because it is really easy and quick."

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe of Prosper202
Client For 12 Years

"I don't care what tracking service you're using. Tracker.ly has stuff [they] can't touch."

John Chow, Super-Affiliate
Client For 4 Years

"Three years in, Trackerly is hands-down the most valuable tool in my marketing toolbox."

Craig Paulson, Paulson Training
Client For 6 Years

"I used another system before but now I can really see where my business is coming from."

Elisha Dejong
Client For 3 Years

"It will make you so much extra money that you just couldn't make with any other tool."

Gina Gaudio Graves, Directions U
Client For 12 Years

"Over the years I have built up thousands of redirect links across many [websites]."

Martin Aranovitch
Client For 9 Years

"I've been using this for 9 years. It's an absolute necessity for anyone doing business online."

Shelby Carr
Client For 12 Years

"I have tried other tracking services... but they belong to another century."

Kevin Delahaye
Client For 3 Years

"This is one of the most significant, important tools any marketer could have in their arsenal."

Jack Humphrey, Directions U
Client For 12 Years

"You can be as lazy you want or as diligent as you want and you'll get a lot of data either way."

Liane Carmi, Marketing Trainer
Client For 12 Years

"The missing link to explosive growth comes through tracking and Tracker.ly makes it easy."

John Stiles, Headway Business
Client For 12 Years

Your links should promote you:

Branded, descriptive links get up to 34% more clicks.

  • Brand Your Websites: The best solution to grow CTR and brand awareness
  • Secondary Domains: The standard option of using a new domain for links
  • Domain Redirects: Get even higher conversions on important promotions

And, Tracker.ly has every other type of link you need.

  • Short Links: Quick links for PPC ads and limited space
  • Branded Short Links: Retain your branding and control
  • QR Codes: Track print marketing, without switching tools

Learn more (demo)

Your campaigns should be individually tracked:

Tracker.ly's unique approach easily pinpoints which marketing works or not, and for how long.

(And, instant links create unique, clean-looking links for each marketing message, on-the-fly.)

Your results should be clear at a glance:

Advanced filtering and real-time stats keep track of all your marketing.

  • All your marketing, blogs, and websites tracked side-by-side, live
  • Include or exclude dozens of filters to see exactly what you're interested in
  • See trends across promotions and sites to learn what works or not, for you
  • Discover fastest rising and fastest falling marketing, traffic sources, and more
  • Save and load reports to instantly jump between custom dashboards/reports
  • Plus, weekly summary and trend report by email

Spread your brand and increase your click rates:

Try Tracker.ly for two weeks on us to see how it redefines link analytics.

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