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The Six Beneficial Links in Tracker.ly

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Links That Get Up To 34% More Clicks:

Bit.ly's research shows that even keyword links on wrong domains can increase click-through rates up to 34%.
Imagine the traffic boost you'll get with Tracker.ly links that exactly match (and spread) your website's true brand.

Unique Tracking And Time Savers:

A Few Of Our Money Making Techniques:

Advanced Variable Passing:

Infinite Dashboards:

Unique Safety Measures:

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    We have updated the code that goes on your severs to support PHP 8.
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    Here's how to export links if you need to.
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  • SSL/HTTPS support added

    The final domain/install issue we had is creating links on sites that force https. This is fixed and you don't need to do anything.
    6 years ago

  • sFTP support added

    We just added sFTP support, so you can set up your websites through our installer using secure FTP on port 22 as well as port 21.
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    I'm happy to share some great news. Tracker.ly has partnered with another company, which is investing the resources to develop my long-term vision.
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    GDPR is a new anti-tracking law that effects users of Tracker.ly. This is what we've changed to be partially compliant now, and will be changing.
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    Tracker.ly fixes a number of big problems with every existing link redirect solution, so we took some very different approaches to how we did things.
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    Our client’s favourite feature is our instant links, because it lets them track each marketing message without setting up a link for each one in advance.
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  • Huge speed improvements

    This is just a quick notice to let you know we've made a lot of changes under the hood on the dashboard side over the last couple of months.
    7 years ago

  • How descriptive links increase clicks

    Understanding how each type of link affects people psychologically will help you hugely increase your click-through rates on your marketing.
    8 years ago

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