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Want more leads from your marketing?

Get the link tracking service top marketers run their businesses on... for nine years and counting

  • SAVE MONEY:Multiple tools combined in one
  • SAVE TIME:All your marketing side-by-side
  • MAKE MORE:Six link types, equally powerful

Three years in, Trackerly is hands-down the most valuable tool in my marketing toolbox.

Craig Paulson, President of PaulsonTraining.com - Client For 3 Years

I've been using this for 9 years. It's an absolute necessity for anyone doing business online.

Shelby Carr - Client For 9 Years

Tracker.ly will make you so much extra money that you just couldn't make with any other tool.

Gina Gaudio-Graves, JV Broker / Founder Directions University - Client For 9 Years

Only Tracker.ly Has

all six types of marketing links

Now you'll always use the highest converting type of link for each marketing message, without switching tools


There are 10 types of links marketers use, four of which you should avoid at all costs. Get the mini e-course and learn which ones increase or decrease conversions.

The six beneficial links in Tracker.ly

1. Keyword Links On YOUR SITES

Send more people into your funnels. People feel safest clicking clean "pretty" links, which tell where they're going and are on trusted websites. Only Tracker.ly tracks all your sites side-by-side.

Ex: JohnReel.com/BonusTrainingVideo

Ex: Tracker.ly/BonusTrainingVideo

2. Short Links

Great for paid ads or when you just don't have room. Make privately tracked bit.ly style tracking links on our twe.to and klk.to domains, with all of Tracker.ly's tools to increase conversions.

Ex: twe.to/qlk0

Ex: klk.to/qlk0

3. Keyword Links On Your Domains

No site? Point your domains to Tracker.ly and create keyword links. Making a site later? Only Tracker.ly lets you move your domain - and your keyword links - to your own web host.

Ex: getTrackerly.com/BonusTrainingVideo

4. Short Links On Your Domains

Increase conversions on short links by branding them to match your site. Buy and point your short domains to us to make bit.ly style links on your domains.

Ex: trkr.ly/qlk0 (Our custom domain.)

5. Domain Redirects

Big promotion? YouTube video? Domain names convert like crazy and are easy to remember and share. Just buy domain names and Tracker.ly points them to affiliate sites or internal pages.

Ex: BonusTrainingVideo.com

6. QR Codes

Marketing offline? Track visits from smart phone QR code apps. Great for print ads... or tattoos, since you can point future-safe Tracker.ly redirects to new locations at any time.

Ex: Hover/click for QR code


7. On-the-fly Keyword "Dash" Links

Save time and improve tracking by making links without even logging in. (This is how our top marketing coaches refine their marketing fast!)

Ex: JohnReel.com/BonusTrainingVideo-facebook

8. On-the-fly Short "Dash" Links

Track every ad separately, without making links for each ad in advance. Just add "-keywords" to a link to create instant copies on-the-fly.

Ex: twe.to/qlk0-adword-v1

This is one of the most significant, important tools any marketer could have in their arsenal.

Jack Humphrey, Dean, Directions Univesity - Client For 9 Years

I kept on testing and I kept on optimizing, all the time, because it was really easy and quick.

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, Owner of Prosper202 - Client For 9 Years

Over the years I have built up thousands of redirect links across many domains.

Martin Aranovitch, www.PremiumWP.Services - Client For 6 Years

Creating Unique Tracking Links On-The-Fly

Check out how our instant dash links are going to transform your marketing:

I have tried other tracking services... but they belong to another century.

Kevin Delahaye - New Client

You can be as lazy you want or as diligent as you want and you'll get a lot of data either way.

Liane Carmi, Marketing Trainer - Client For 9 Years

Just in that last demonstration, you've saved me at least 20 hours of work that I can foresee.

Jason Hodge - Media Planner For Non Profits - Client For 1 Year

Tracker.ly Has Infinite Live Dashboards

Now you can search all types of marketing from any angle you can think of, across all your sites and domains. Then, save and load searches to quickly switch reports.

All your marketing at a glance:

  • LEARN MORE: See marketing types and trends across sites
  • GET BETTER: With a detailed understanding of what works
  • SAVE MONEY: Spot and eliminate poor performing efforts

It's a game changer when you start to realize the power of it. It can really help your business.

Cory Boatright, Marketing Coach - Client For 6 Years

I don't care what tracking service you're using, Tracker.ly has stuff in there [they] can't touch.

John Chow, Super-Affiliate / Blogger - Client For 1 Year

I was some unknown guy who suddenly popped up to the top of the list, using this software.

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, Owner of Prosper202 - Client For 9 Years

Increase Leads On All Your Marketing

Only Tracker.ly gives every type of marketing link the same advanced features with more coming all the time, so whatever type of marketing you're doing, you can do better.

And Tracker.ly is under full-time, continuous development. New features are always coming.

Why people love Tracker.ly

What excites you about Tracker.ly and how do you (or will you) use it?

Client Case Studies

We're launching soon with an ongoing free training program, including Tracker.ly strategies from our most successful clients. Marketing your local business or website? Affiliate marketing? Building a social media brand? Whatever you're doing, we'll coach you to use effective and value-added marketing strategies your audience appreciates.

Coming Soon...

Tracker.ly Pricing

Plans are temporarily discounted during our relaunch. Get grandfathered in for life.

$47 $29 / Month
Actions Tracked Per Month*
Custom Domains**
Online Training / Webinars
Injections / Retargeting
Advanced Variables
Conversion Tracking (Coming)
$175 $67 / Month
Actions Tracked Per Month*
Custom Domains**
Online Training / Webinars
Injections / Retargeting
Advanced Variables
Conversion Tracking (Coming)
Actions Tracked Per Month*
Custom Domains**
We Do It All For You
Custom Reports & Branding
Custom Features
Custom Software Integrations

Custom domains increase conversions: Use them for keyword links branded to your websites, and on domains forwarded to our servers for keyword links on unhosted domains, domain redirects for memorable promotions, youtube promotions, and branded short domains.

Cancel Any Time. 30 Day Automatic Money-Back Guarantee.

Answers to Questions You May Have:

  • *What are "custom domains"?They increase conversions: Use for keyword links branded to your websites, and on domains pointed to our servers for keyword links on unhosted domains, domain redirects for memorable promotions, and branded short domains.

  • **What if I need more custom domains?It's pay as you grow! Add more custom domains to any plan, and you will be billed $5/month/domain above the ones that come with your account.

  • Do I need my own domains/hosting for keyword links?Keyword links work either on unhosted domains pointed to our domain name servers, or on your websites for exact brand matching. (Most PHP servers with FTP access work.)

  • How do I setup my sites for keyword links?We created a super-easy installer so you can start making keyword links on your own domains in two minutes flat. If you have any problems, let us know and we'll help!

  • *What if I go over my monthly "actions tracked"?Actions are clicks/hits on your links and tracking pixels. You will be billed for overage charges at the rate of $0.0001 each, which is $5/50,000. (Unused clicks do not roll over.)

  • What training is there?There are video and text tutorials, and more coming. We also sometimes do webinars with guest clients, to show you how to use Tracker.ly in read-world situations. And, there are third-party training courses available.

  • What if I need more help?We also have a moderated public forum for questions, suggestions, feature requests, and bug reports. We also have very responsive technical support by email if you have trouble with your domains or just want to chat privately.

  • What happens if I cancel?Drop to the free plan and stats over a month old are purged and you have the free plan limits. Or cancel to delete your account entirely. In either case, your links keep working.